“The continuing challenge of safe and successful (gene) delivery means the already burgeoning market has yet to peak. With a ‘white spot’ opportunity for new transfection
technologies and improvement in existing ones, companies have yet to approach the ceiling of growth.” Transfection Dashboard, Life Science Dashboard, Percepta Associates Inc., 2009

Proteacel’s PORE™ product addresses the rapidly developing market need for more efficient transfection technology. A 2009 study pegs the global market for transfection at $169 MM. With an annual market growth of 1.2%, the market for transfection can expect to reach $1000 MM in one decade. Proteacel is poised to take advantage of this substantial growth opportunity by offering its proprietary non-viral transfection technology, PORE™, to over 1500+ universities and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that rely heavily on transfection as their key analytical and production tool.

Proteacel is seeking to partner with investors to raise additional capital. The company will continue to grow its service contracts and provide new commercial partnerships, providing the competitive advantage required to spawn new products and discovery efforts. Proteacel also intends to develop its own specialized products based on the assessment of market need. By leveraging PORE™, Proteacel will lead the way in providing excellence in transfection services, and expects to become a dominant force in the overall market for transfection technology.